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>> Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Natural versus Artificial Health

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian System of healing and health, delivers multidimensional health. Ayurveda is designed to facilitate deep healing for body, mind and soul, and its science is well equipped to deliver both preventatives as well as palliative care.

In Ayurveda unlike the modern bio-medicine, disease prevention is not a lesser goal, an add-on, or an afterthought. In Ayurveda, preventative health care is the priority and of paramount importance, since there is nothing quite like natural God given, wholesome health that is scientifically and consciously “protected” from birth onwards. In Ayurveda, the Sanskrit term “swasthasya swastharakshanam” refer to the Ayurvedic concept of the “protection of health of the healthy” and this is no less important than the goal of disease reversal “aturasya vikara prashamana cha”.

The well being of body mind, sense and soul that organic health exudes is quite different from the so called “health” of modern medicine. The modern medical concept of health is no more than a fraction of relief, achieved occasionally, from uncomfortable symptoms through use of synthetic or chemical drugs.

Ayurveda Focus on the Root Causes of Disease

Fortunately, Ayurveda is focused on the question of why we manifest disease in the first place. Ayurveda begins with understanding the similarities between living creature and the universe and points out the endogenous and exogenous imbalances that cause disease. Ayurveda also lays down in exquisite detail method to prevent imbalance (science of disease prevention) or restore health (science of disease revolution).

Ayurveda sync with nature

In Synchronization with Natural Laws

All along, from prevention to restoration to the final steps of rejuvenation, it is only within the fold of natural laws that health is conceived in Ayurveda, never outside of nature.

Ayurveda is never war with nature to deliver health; rather, it works with nature. Ayurveda uses nature’s own laws tool box, and abundant medicine chest filled with naturally available medicine and remedies to restore health and vitality in a short time with practically no side effects.

Ayurveda- Science of life

Crafting Health at Home

The Science of Ayurveda has been focusing upon disease prevention in an exhaustive manner forever 5000 years. This preventative focus is just now being entertained in the current era as more and more world governments (including in the U.S.) are promoting the need to actively craft a paradigm shift in health care. This shift is from focusing only on battling disease (with all its related expenses and scale of intervention required) to promoting viable means to prevent disease at the gross root level through healthy choices and timely prevention check up etc.

Ayurveda takes a step further, even beyond the preventive health check up at the local physician’s office, back in to the patient’s home. It is only in the personal life, where scientifically made changes in food, lifestyle, exercise and the use of simple herbs frown in the garden will make a recognizable difference. These comprehensive food and lifestyle changes can drastically reduce the expense and number of doctor visits.

Ayurveda’s sustaining ideology gives hope to humanity that we all have the right to natural wholesome good healthy. We can all learn to do what it takes in our homes, gardens and kitchen to remain ahead of the disease-drug-surgery game.
                                                                                             Article written by:
                                                                                            ‘Shunya’ Pratichi Mathur for Tathaastu magazine


Lynn Manwar August 29, 2011 at 9:07 AM  

Right now, I am at an Ayurvedic Hospital in Kochi, Kerala and realize that I do have to make slight changes to my lifestyle when I go home, like diet and exercise, and getting regular massages. My psoriasis has disappeared in 2 weeks of being here for ayurveda treatments.

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