Six Ways to Reduce Your weight.

>> Saturday, June 11, 2011

Obesity is a major problem in youth and children in these days. Research says large amount of people suffering from overweight across the world.

Obesity brings lots of diseases and problems with itself, like slowness, heart problems and blood pressure and unattractive personality, that why everyone especially girl’s wants to be slim and want to get a well shaped body.

This craze of slimming makes younger’s to do unsafe practice like dieting; Research says 90% dieting attempts fails. In my opinion dieting is a worst way to lose weight, why? Let me explains, during the dieting period your fat is dissolved and slowly you reduced your weight, but this practice makes you weaker in lacks of incomplete nutrition’s , second after stopping dieting your body restore the fat and again you gain the weight.

I am suggesting some safe and effective ways to reduce your extra weight.
1.       First of all stop dieting take proper food, with necessary vitamins and minerals, but stop junk food and high cholesterol food and oily food. Say no to soft drinks, it contains the sugar and high amount of carbohydrate that makes you fat.

2.       Make a schedule of eating, leave the habit of eating something every time, reduces the amount of sweet dish from your food. Use the toned or double toned milk, it contain all necessary nutrition but has low amount of fat.

3.       Drink at least ¼ liter of water before eating, it dissolve the extra fat and help to reduce the amount of diet. After a long practice you will see batter result.

4.       Take the food that has HDL (high density lipoprotein, also known as good cholesterol). It reduce the level of LDL (low density lipoprotein, also known as bad cholesterol). The source of H.D.L. are fish oil (for non vegetarians “but I shell suggest to avoid non vag. Food if you want to slim, non- veg food contain large amount of fat and other harmful element.”), all fiber congaing food, orange juice, nuts, soya, and green leaves foods.

5.       The Most Important is ”Regular Exercise”, try some light exercise, like walking, skipping, regular exercise increase your metabolism and reduce extra fat from your body.

6.       If you’re Office or working spot is near to your home then use your leg to go office, it is a better practice.

To follow the above practice you can see the results in one or two months, But if you don’t have time do all, don’t lose hope, there is an another way.

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