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>> Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kerala is popular for its Ayurveda and well known for its ayurvedic centers, if you are traveling to this God's own country, you just cannot ignore the wonderful attraction that Kerala has to offer. This southern state of India has numerous Ayurveda.

centers that is often referred as Ayurvedic resorts of Kerala. These Ayurveda clinics throughout Kerala are integral parts of a Kerala ayurveda tour and today it is visited by thousand of tourists from several parts of the globe to gain ayurvedic benefits.

Ayurveda was invented in India at almost 3000 B.C. by maharishi “Patanjali” to serve a healthy, free from disease and a long life. Today Ayurveda tour of Kerala is most popular and effective as this region has the supply most of herbs and other minerals that are vital for preparing the remedies required for many diseases and weakness. In addition, there are plentiful sources of oils in Kerala, which are significantly used for the treatment.

Shirodhara- In this ayurvedic treatment, medicated milk and herbal oils are poured for duration of about 45 minutes on the forehead in a day. This ayurvedic healing process is very effective to reduce mental tension and skin diseases.

Udwarthanam- This massage is done by powder. Udwarthanam is done in upwards direction with a mixture of herbal powders. It’s very effective to cure certain conditions of Hemiplegia and reduce the obesity. It makes body strong and also good for skin.

Sirovasti- In this treatment lukewarm medicated oil used for entire head and then place a lather cap on the head to maintain temperature. It is very effective in migraine, deafness, diseases affecting cranial nerves, facial paralysis, insanity, diseases of the head and eyes, chronic cold, sinusitis, rheumatism, arthritis, abscesses and wounds etc. In fact this treatment is good for all diseases.

Apart from mentioned  above there are lots of other treatment like Abhyangam, Elakizhi, Pizhicle, Navarakizh, Thalapothichil, Nasyam, Kadikizhi to make you fit and fresh. you can also take advantage of ayurveda massage programs that are usually provided in such tours as well.

If you are going to visit Kerala and trying to find out such resorts where you avail Ayurvedic treatments with enjoying your holidays. I suggest “Kiarali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village” locates at Palakkad, Kerala for complete ayurvedic retreatment.


Beauty Care Thorough Ayurveda

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skin of an individual is the mirror of his health in Ayurveda constitution. This can be understood by skin type of one has. Example: In case of predominant vata, the skin of a person is dry, rough, thin with fine pores and wrinkled. If pitta is predominanted, the skin is delicate, fair and red toned with freckles, moles or acne and burns easily. In Kapha dosha constitution the skin of a person is oily, smooth, moist and thick with a tendency towards large pores.

Both ancient and modern Ayurvedic secrets for beauty care have been represented by Ayurvedic Beauty Care. The aim of this post is to elevate western understanding of beauty to new levels with deeper Ayurvedic insights. These insights hold powerful health development and enhancing methods and beauty techniques such that all levels of beauty (outer, inner, secret) can be realized in our increasingly fast paced and chaotic world.

The rejuvenation therapy in ayurveda explains ways to become naturally beautiful, which is not just limited to the physical body but extends to subtle qualities and vitality of a person. Hence rejuvenation therapy is regarded as an integral part of ongoing self-care that helps you to be beautiful throughout life and a fresh start in the process of making health-supporting lifestyle changes.

From an ayurvedic perspective there are seven dhatus or tissues. The outer layer being the skin and innermost being the blood plasma. Srotas or channels pass through the dhatus. Srotas when blocked or filled with toxins are the seat of disease or imbalance.

For Vata skin to stay youthful and young skin care products used should be very nurturing. They must have some essential oils or herbs in combination, which can nourish the skin and rehydrate it, otherwise it may be susceptible to wrinkles and premature aging. Going to bed on time, regular eating meals, and following a regular daily routine are essential components of a holistic approach to Vata skin care.

Ayurveda is very much skeptical about wearing make ups. Even an inch of makeup on face can't hide the worries of mind, period. There is one important aspect of lavanya sutra, Ayurvedic beauty care treatise. It is not only the physical aspect that gives beauty to a woman, but also her mental bearings. The happiness of mind will be easily visible on face. So is gloom and worries.


Ayurvedic Herbs – A Gift By Nature

>> Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whatever illness strikes people down, it makes sense that they might try to pursue a less conventional path of treatment, and one that may stray from the beaten path of Western medicine.

Getting started with these types of  herbal treatments requires a change in the mindset that most Americans tend to adopt about the way they should treat their bodies.

There are far too many systems of medicine that completely ignore the original causes of the imbalances which lead to disease and disability. Instead, a lot of the medicine that gets consumed by Western culture only treats the symptoms, and never resolves the real problem. What you're left with in a situation like that is medicine that you can never stop taking for illnesses that you might never be completely rid of.

A lot of illnesses aren't due to any specific cause, and are instead the result of much more fundamental imbalances in a person's life. For some people, Ayurveda herbs and treatment may hold the key to a much deeper feeling of relief of relief than they might have ever thought possible otherwise.

Ayurveda as it exists today is derived from an ancient system of medicine that evolved into a philosophical way of life for many cultures living in countries surrounding the Indian subcontinent. Using completely natural Ayurveda herbs As a means of keeping the body's systems and balance, followers of this practice have drawn through the ages searching for a way to exist with a deeper level of harmony and cooperation with the world around them.

The system that evolved around this type of medicine is an extremely competent one that takes years to attain true mastery of, although the power of the Internet does provide Westerners with enough insight to be able to make their own decisions as to whether or not Ayurveda is something they're interested in trying out for themselves.

After gaining some experience and exposure to Ayurveda herbs, and allowing a reasonable amount of time to pass, practitioners of this lifestyle will notice a variety of changes beginning to take place, eventually culminating in an existence that feels much more useful than before. It's important to be reasonable and realistic about your approach to any unconventional medicinal techniques, and this was no exception.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to good health, and you're going to have to be patient when it comes to expecting results from Ayurveda herbs. That having been said, there are a ton of conditions and illnesses that border on disability that people live with every day for years, never realizing that by re-balancing the fundamental energies of their life, their pain can be greatly reduced.



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